And it’s probably easier than you think

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Most people think that everything is under the law of a continuous timeline on earth that goes on and on without stopping. It seems like we never could break out of the time affecting us, but what if I tell you that we can, that we possibly could break out of this absolute time, and that we can actually travel into the future?

One of the most famous scientists on earth, Albert Einstein, gave us a tool that allows us to travel to our future without breaking any physical laws. I’m talking about the Theory of relativity. …

The potential exists

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SafeMoon, a new cryptocurrency on the market gains quite some attention lately. Some experts say that SafeMoon has a big potential to grow strongly in the price, comparable to Dodgecoin. And it’s true, in the last few weeks this cryptocurrency increased high in price. Since its release in March, the price increased by 4000%. This means, when you bought SafeMoon at its release with a worth of 10$, you now would have 400$, not bad for holding it for a month. Nevertheless, there is also some uncertainty about this particular coin. …

Trading is like gambling: either you have luck or not

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After the establishment of Bitcoin, the crypto scene started to grow rapidly and build huge popularity. Nowadays, cryptos are everywhere, easy to access and trading is even easier than ever. Every day, people all around the world trade and either become rich by multiplying their bids, others lose everything they have. It’s a play with the fire, gain, or lose. Risk everything and gain everything, or risk everything and lose everything is maybe the perfect way to describe day trading with cryptocurrencies.

About 4 weeks ago, my interest in day trading had established. It was just a simple ad I…

5 common pitfalls lurking along your journey

Nowadays, making games is easier than ever: there are dozens of different free game engines to create games, thousands of tutorials and community posts with helpful information, even whole digital libraries that have an answer for every information you need to create your own masterpiece. Nevertheless, making games is hard, really, and you often feel confronted with too many problems you can’t handle. As a result of that, people quit developing their own games, so there are surely a huge amount of unfinished games and ideas which were never published or seen by the world.

As a game developer, it’s…

Everyone’s a victim of it

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Money is key in our modern society: It rules over us, determines whether someone’s poor or rich, and people are just running after it, being blinded by the thought of being rich will make them happy. Without a doubt, everyone found him- or herself in this situation, where your mind is rotating around money and what you should do to become rich. If you just stop a second or two and look at our world, the people, and how they’re controlled by money, it’s just unbelievable and surreal, to be honest. The essential question is: Does money make you really…

Easy crops for gardening beginners

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This year's winter is coming to an end which means soon spring will arrive and fill nature with life again. Spring is the perfect time to start planting crops. People who are already garden masters surely have a great plan with lots of different vegetables and fruits they want to grow and harvest this year. But what should a beginner gardener plant, when, and what are the most easy-care plants to grow? Where should you plant your crops and what are important things to keep in mind? Well, here’s the starter guide for all of you!

Easy-care plants

To start, let’s take…

It sounds wrong but it’s true

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Latin: The language of the once glorious Roman Empire. Today, the Roman Empire, as we know it out of history, vanished, and with it the use of Latin. Even though some people still know the language, how to translate and understand it, nobody speaks Latin anymore. The only use this language has for our modern society is that you need this language for some courses of study like medicine or some natural sciences. Or… maybe there is another use of it?

If you’ve ever learned Latin, or at least looked at the language, you might have noticed something: Some words…

It looked way easier than it actually was

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A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon Bloomberg's The Million-Dollar Hacker video on YouTube. After watching this video, I got really interested in the theme of the video: Bug Hunting. So I came up with a challenge in my mind: I’ll try to become a Bug Hunter in seven days. Now, a week later after I’ve ended the challenge, I can definitely say that Bug Hunting was way harder than I expected it to be.

What is Bug Hunting?

As a Bug Hunter, you’re looking for vulnerabilities of corporations and their websites. You try to hack inside their system and search for ways…

Even if they seem the same, they’re not

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One of the most common dishes from Russia is definitely dumplings. Mostly filled with meat, potatoes, or even fruits, there are many of them in different forms and sizes. Even if they might look somehow equal, their taste is not. As a person coming from Russia, I’ve eaten already lots of the different dumpling varieties, and I can say for sure their taste is not comparable with each other. Let me introduce you to the variety of the different dumplings, their dough, filling, and, of course, their taste.


(Yeah, the name is a bit strange because in Russia you use…

I can’t stand it anymore

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Due to the Coronavirus, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro had to be canceled this year. The german carnival was canceled as well because of the virus which made the whole of Germany really sad. Carnival in Germany is quite a big deal for most people living here, especially for people living in a rural region. Lots of marches, parties, and festivals had to pass this year and wait till the next year. Let me explain how a carnival in Germany looks like and why it’s not for everyone a pleasant time.

The carnival in Germany here called “Fasching” or…

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