It looked way easier than it actually was

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A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon Bloomberg's The Million-Dollar Hacker video on YouTube. After watching this video, I got really interested in the theme of the video: Bug Hunting. So I came up with a challenge in my mind: I’ll try to become a Bug Hunter in seven days. Now, a week later after I’ve ended the challenge, I can definitely say that Bug Hunting was way harder than I expected it to be.

What is Bug Hunting?

As a Bug Hunter, you’re looking for vulnerabilities of corporations and their websites. You try to hack inside their system and search for ways…

Even if they seem the same, they’re not

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One of the most common dishes from Russia is definitely dumplings. Mostly filled with meat, potatoes, or even fruits, there are many of them in different forms and sizes. Even if they might look somehow equal, their taste is not. As a person coming from Russia, I’ve eaten already lots of the different dumpling varieties, and I can say for sure their taste is not comparable with each other. Let me introduce you to the variety of the different dumplings, their dough, filling, and, of course, their taste.


(Yeah, the name is a bit strange because in Russia you use…

I can’t stand it anymore

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Photo by Uwe Conrad on Unsplash

Due to the Coronavirus, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro had to be canceled this year. The german carnival was canceled as well because of the virus which made the whole of Germany really sad. Carnival in Germany is quite a big deal for most people living here, especially for people living in a rural region. Lots of marches, parties, and festivals had to pass this year and wait till the next year. Let me explain how a carnival in Germany looks like and why it’s not for everyone a pleasant time.

The carnival in Germany here called “Fasching” or…

The power of speaking multiple languages

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Learning languages isn’t a big deal nowadays: Every school teaches multiple languages students can choose from, special language schools offer a huge variety of languages from all around the world and there are plenty of books, guides, and videos which can teach you a language you want to learn. Even though there is such a big amount of possibilities to learn languages, some people don’t learn more than one additional language. Thanks to our world language English, there seems no need for other languages anymore because nearly every person on the planet can speak at least some words in English…

Do Whatever You Want Inside Your Dreams

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Experience the feeling of flying, being super strong, or safe the world: everything possible with the skill of controlling your own dreams. Some of you might have already heard about Lucid Dreaming. In general, Lucid dreaming means to dream but with the difference that you know you’re dreaming. It’s like playing a video game: You have full control of yourself but it doesn’t matter what you do, it has no impact on the real world… or maybe it has?

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

What does Lucid Dreaming offer you? Well, there are some aspects you might want to know about:

At first, it’s of…

Regain creativity and motivation by taking a break

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Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

We often find ourselves stuck into an endless hustle in our lives: work, family, hobbies, everything consisting of mostly small, but annoying tasks that waste our time. Often you can’t find any rest and slowly you’re noticing that you’re feeling “dead inside”, you’re like a well without water, every energy capacity is gone and you feel uncreative. This emptiness and stress inside you are exhausting and it costs you your nerves to stay focused. The only right thing to do is as simple as it seems: take a break and reboot yourself.

With this, I don't mean the break you’re…

The truth about big gaming companies and Indies

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Photo by Teddy Guerrier on Unsplash

The gaming market is separated into two worlds: on the one side, there are big names like PlayStation, Nintendo, and Microsoft, which produce big games, played by millions of players all around the world— the so-called AAA titles. Whereas the other side is a more subtle niche, also know as the Indie market. Most Indie games development companies are rather small, unknown, and neither have the resources nor the manpower to produce massive games where a player spends weeks and months playing. Most people would say that the ones producing the best games are usually the “Big 3” named above…

Things We Can Learn From Our Pets

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About three years ago, this dog suddenly appeared in my life: His name is Pushkin (after the poet Pushkin from Russia, also with curly hair) and he instantly hopped into the hearts of my family, my neighbors, and friends. Now I understand which impact this dog has on my life. I want to tell you what Pushkin had taught me to live a better life.

Be Outside

A quite usual phenomenon of us people living in the 21st century is that we’re going less outside than we should. We’re sitting a lot at home or work, not really interested in the environment…

How to set up an indoor garden and harvest it

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Photo by Al Kawasa on Unsplash

Wintertime means to most gardeners a compulsory pause: Cold temperatures and frost make it nearly impossible to grow any food on your own. But there is a way to avoid this break, indoor gardening. By setting up an indoor garden, you’ll be able to grow and harvest food, even in the coldest times. Really everyone can create a little garden in front of his window and watch the small plants growing. To create a perfect garden inside your house, you’ve to comply with some things.


Before you grab your shovel, pots, seeds, and soil, we’ve to prepare some things:


How Apple creates millions of dollars with upselling

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Photo by Michał Kubalczyk on Unsplash

Apple should be a name known by everyone: The company with the bitten apple as their logo is the most valuable in the world and one of the most profitable ones. But how can this be the case if a phone costs about $1000? Who buys a phone for this price? Why do people give Apple such high amounts of money? You can answer these questions with Apple’s best marketing strategy: Upselling.

1.Marketing Strategies, Exposed: Apple’s way to generate enormous profits Definition of Upselling

Upselling is a special sales technique used by companies like Apple that invites us, the customers…

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